Using Mobile UX To Make Your Business More Visible During The Holiday Season


As Fall turns to Winter, business owners are yet again faced with the task of optimizing their web presence for the fast­ approaching holiday season ­ a task that won’t seem as tedious as it did last year once you’ve read the guide we’ve prepared here at the company I manage, Codal. The quality of your business’s online User Experience (UX) is always crucial. However, … [Read more...]

UX And Stock Photos: An Interview With A Curator


A couple of weeks ago, a late-night conversation with one of the readers of this blog led to a discussion about the use of stock photos and their contribution (or lack of thereof) towards improving the overall user experience of a site. Much has been said in blogs and online discussions that stock photos and other decorative graphic elements do not add anything significant … [Read more...]

UX For Enterprise: Using IoT To Design Integrated Systems For The Workplace


While beacons have yet to emerge as a mainstream technology, they have not only begun to revolutionize the customer experience model, but also validate predictions regarding the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Proximity marketing and contextual functionality have contributed to a tailored, custom experience for users of apps that have implemented beacons as a … [Read more...]

The Art Of UX In MVP


UX is UX is UX - right? Not really. User Experience Designers (UXDs) working on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) builds have it rough. The thought process has to shift ever so slightly in MVP builds, and in such a way that it can disrupt your conception of what “good UX” really is. UX Designers, listen up: MVP builds serve a different purpose than full builds. MVP builds … [Read more...]

Customer Experience vs. User Experience: What’s The Difference?


Often times promising entrepreneurs will come up with a genius idea for an app but end up entangling a lot of important components into one product. If you’re a geek in any capacity that works in tech today, there is no doubt you’ve heard the following: “I’ve got this great idea for an app, tell me what you think…” To which us geeks inevitably roll our eyes as the … [Read more...]

UX And Culture: Bridging The Gap In Six Strides


UX Designers — know this: culture affects an individual's perception of usability. As obvious as it may seem, many UX Designers fall victim to the impression that users are culturally homogenous (from the same background). Such an assumption can prove to be detrimental to the success of even the most effective UX Design efforts. Understanding this concept may require UX … [Read more...]

The Difference Between UX And UI Design


How many times have we heard the statement that 'web design is dead?' While catchy, it stems from the fact that the profession that what was once referred to as 'web design' nowadays doesn't consist of a single skill (design) but actually encompasses a number of skills - so many skills that it is practically impossible and not feasible to employ a single person to do the … [Read more...]

Making UX Research Usable


An end user rarely takes into account the diversity of the User Experience Design process when they reap its benefits. To be proficient in UX Design is to be proficient in a dozen other disciplines – namely user research, interaction design, information architecture, and visual design, among others. It is precisely for this reason that, while all UX designers ought to … [Read more...]

Unleashing Mobile Gesture UX


With mobile visitors creating an ever-growing traffic source to websites these days, mobile-centric problems arise for those seeking to engage their users with this new medium. With it this new traffic, engagement metrics are not on par with desktop. Pages per session, time spent, and various other popular metrics, seem to fall short of the desktop benchmark. So why … [Read more...]

Smartwatch UX Design – The Top Considerations


One of the most noticeable implementations of the Internet of Things is the smartwatch. We are actually past the dawn of the smartwatch and have entered a period of refinement. The next few generations of smartwatches will undoubtedly possess even more rigorously designed screens and, most importantly, drastic improvements to battery life. Smartwatch Hardware … [Read more...]