How To Design A Website With Emotional Impact


We humans try to convince ourselves that we are rational beings, who make choices based on logic. In truth, we are highly emotional ones. The harder we try to convince ourselves of our rationality, the greater impact our emotions have on our decisions. Website designers need to take into account what emotions their site elicits. It’s not enough to make sure a site is … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Write Converting Newsletters For Your Website


You’ve got your subscription buttons in place and autoresponders ready to do their thing. You may even have a newsletter you’re already sending to potential clients. Whether your intention is to create a brand new mailing from the ground up, or to improve one that is already in place, this information will help you write newsletters that convince readers to take … [Read more...]

6 Powerful Ways Of Improving On-Site User Engagement


So you have an immersive website with the right aesthetic appeal. What is the next practical step? It is to prevent bounces and enhance on-site user engagement. However, most marketers are stuck at fluffing their website and pruning their social media page. A successful conversion model includes everything from on-site optimization to neat navigation and most websites … [Read more...]

9 Guidelines For Writing A Killer Headline For Conversion


If boosting conversion is your goal, writing the right headline is arguably more important than writing good copy. Indeed, a famous quote by advertising legend, David Ogilvy says that on average, five times as many people will read the headline than the actual content. And what good is writing anything at all if you can't pique your readers' interest? Even if, … [Read more...]

10 Guidelines For Navigation Usability


When it comes to usability, ease-of-navigation should be a top priority for web developers. The number one most annoying feature of a website is improper or confusing navigation, leaving users lost and wondering what to do next. If you’re lucky enough, some users just might scour through the website to accomplish their purpose of visiting the website. However, most users … [Read more...]

(Usable) Content Is King


Let’s face it: you have heard the phrase “Content is King.” Bill Gates coined the phrase in 1996, when he predicted the role that content would play on the web. The popular adage has since grown to become a mantra of sorts for many SEO strategizers and Content Marketers — and with good reason. UX Designers, listen up: Gates’ widely accepted philosophy holds that content … [Read more...]

UX And Culture: Bridging The Gap In Six Strides


UX Designers — know this: culture affects an individual's perception of usability. As obvious as it may seem, many UX Designers fall victim to the impression that users are culturally homogenous (from the same background). Such an assumption can prove to be detrimental to the success of even the most effective UX Design efforts. Understanding this concept may require UX … [Read more...]

Making UX Research Usable


An end user rarely takes into account the diversity of the User Experience Design process when they reap its benefits. To be proficient in UX Design is to be proficient in a dozen other disciplines – namely user research, interaction design, information architecture, and visual design, among others. It is precisely for this reason that, while all UX designers ought to … [Read more...]

4 Tools For A Successful Usability Test


In this day and age of instant gratification, usability testing is often relegated to crisis situations when a website or an app does not perform to expectations. However, ask any conversion optimization expert and they’ll tell you that usability testing is not a complicated afterthought. It’s a necessary precursor to the launch of every successful online … [Read more...]

Smartwatch UX Design – The Top Considerations


One of the most noticeable implementations of the Internet of Things is the smartwatch. We are actually past the dawn of the smartwatch and have entered a period of refinement. The next few generations of smartwatches will undoubtedly possess even more rigorously designed screens and, most importantly, drastic improvements to battery life. Smartwatch Hardware … [Read more...]