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First of all, thank you for considering to write an article for UsabilityGeek. This page contains all the information that you need for publishing an article on this blog

About UsabilityGeek

Usability Geek is a Usability & User Experience (UX) blog that provides practical and useful information from the fields of Usability, User Experience, Marketing, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Architecture (IA).

Since user experience encompasses several fields, the experience and expertise of our readership varies. Some readers originate from the web design and development community. Others operate in the educational field while others are marketing professionals and business owners. What is common among such a varied community is the love they all share in creating a great user experience irrespective of what product or service they are promoting.


So what articles get published in UsabilityGeek? We can answer this with one simple phrase – “any article that creates a great user experience!”. Our readership visit UsabilityGeek to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques and also to learn more about well-established methodologies.

Article Requirements

Any article that is submitted must be:

  • Relevant: We accept articles about usability, user experience, user interface, conversion and related fields
  • Of a high quality: Please do not send us generic, low quality articles whose sole objective is to get links.
  • Well-researched: Linking to related articles can truly serve as a benefit for readers who want to read more about something that is being mentioned without distracting others who don’t. Linking is also encouraged in order to cite the sources for facts that are mentioned in the article.
  • Original: We do not publish copied, re-hashed or similar content that was already published
  • Detailed: 900 words or more
  • Conforming to Google’s link guidelines: Simply put, any article that violates Google’s guidelines for links, will not be published.

Submission Requirements

You can submit your article via e-mail on info [at] usabilitygeek [dot] com. Your submission must contain the following:

  • Your article: Needs to be in Microsoft Word Format. There is no need to send it to us as an HTML document
  • Lead image: Each submission needs to contain 1 accompanying photo which will be used as the lead image. The dimension for this photo must be at least 800px wide.
  • Additional images: While the submission of additional images is not mandatory, we strongly encourage it since it adds more clarity and appeal to articles. Should you wish to send us any additional images, please send us large versions (More than 800px wide). We will crop and re-size images ourselves. Please ensure that you have full rights over any images that you send us
  • Your biography: A short biography with (at most) 1 link to be shown in the author bio underneath your article. Please note that this needs to be a natural link where our readers can find more information about you or your company. We do not accept any links that violate Google’s link guidelines.
  • Gravatar-enabled e-mail address: So that your photograph appears in the author bio. If you do not have one, please head over to Gravatar to register it

What you Get in Return

Having your article published in UsabilityGeek gives you:

  • Exposure on a niche blog that enjoys a great reputation and attracts approximately 55,000 user experience enthusiasts each month
  • Social media promotion via UsabilityGeek’s Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages
  • Full author recognition – Your name, biography and photo appear underneath your article

Our Publishing Policy

For an article to be considered for publication, it needs to adhere to all the policies stated on this page. Also, while we will consider and review all submissions, this does not mean that submitting your article will automatically guarantee you publication.

We may request that you make alterations in order to improve its appeal or, in rare cases, we may opt not to publish it altogether. If the article is purely promotional in nature, then this will not be published. We will always keep you informed accordingly. Once your article is ready for publication, we will send you the date when it is going to be published.

Hope you found the above information useful. If you are still not sure whether your article is ideal for UsabilityGeek, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Publishing policy last updated: 1st December 2014