15 PSD to HTML Video Tutorials

When working on a new website project, you will likely start by designing a Photoshop mockup which you will then forward to your client for approval. After the client approves it, the next step is to convert the Photoshop PSD to HTML. This process is quite complex, therefore the web designers must acquire this skill to complete their project. If you work in a large agency it is likely that you will not perform the actual conversion yourself. However, if you are a freelancer, sole proprietor or work in a small web design company, you will need to do the conversion from PSD to HTML yourself. And even if you are not going to do the conversion yourself, it is always beneficial that you know how to convert PSD to HTML since, when you are designing your mockups you would be able to know what is possible to code in HTML and hence you will refrain from adding certain design aspects.

The Need For PSD to HTML Tutorial Videos

On the web, the use of PowerPoint presentation and video tutorials has become normal practice since it has been observed that use of visual media aids helps in clearing concepts and you can retain the information in your mind for a longer period of time. The impact of this educational technology has the same impact on young as well as adult learners. Videos demonstrating a particular phenomenon help the adult learner to get a clear idea about the entire process, especially if it is a complicated procedure. The process of converting PSD to HTML code is not simple, hence the reason why I feel that there is no better way to learn how to do it other than watching a video (unless of course you have the privilege of being tutored by a web designer).

Luckily for us, on the net, you will find several video tutorials explaining the process of converting PSD to HTML code. This method of learning is much more effective as the viewer gets hands-on experience about the different methods involved in the entire procedure and it becomes easier for them to retain and apply the knowledge gained. By learning this technique you can make sure that the designs created by you are represented impeccably on the websites.

In this article we have collected fifteen of the best and most detailed PSD to HTML video tutorials that will provide you with a detailed insight of the entire procedure. So make the best use of these useful resources for improving your skills. It will help you in realizing your goal of creating standards-compliant HTML starting from a Photoshop PSD file.

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