10 UX Tips For Your Next Website Redesign


You know a user experience (UX) design is successful when you can’t tell there’s a user experience. When a website’s design is so fluid and intuitive that visitors can easily find the information they need without frustration, it’s a success. UX is everything to a website redesign or refresh. The quality of your content, the beauty of your graphic design, and the … [Read more...]

Big Data, Small Insight


I never really enjoyed Maths until I began my career in User Experience (UX). Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working in many differently formed teams, but my favourites have always been with those that consist of data analysts. Honestly. Their ability to obsess over numbers amazes me. I used to observe them, in their heightened state of spreadsheet frenzy, … [Read more...]

Humans: The Missing Link In Online Security


Implementing online security is ultimately a human undertaking. The tools have to be sufficient enough to protect you and your clients, but efficient enough not to get in the way of providing the best user experience possible. While technology will get you part of the way, the inevitable corner-cutting by users will ultimately expose the notion that technology cannot … [Read more...]

The Art Of UX In MVP


UX is UX is UX - right? Not really. User Experience Designers (UXDs) working on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) builds have it rough. The thought process has to shift ever so slightly in MVP builds, and in such a way that it can disrupt your conception of what “good UX” really is. UX Designers, listen up: MVP builds serve a different purpose than full builds. MVP builds … [Read more...]

5 Proven Ways To Fund Your App At The Idea Stage


You may have a revolutionary idea for the next big app. However, without the right funding for your winning app, that idea will probably never see light of day. Unlike a business startup, where the entrepreneur knows exactly what he or she's going to do, what products or services will be offered and how, what will be the monetization model, etc., app developers have … [Read more...]

4 Tools For A Successful Usability Test


In this day and age of instant gratification, usability testing is often relegated to crisis situations when a website or an app does not perform to expectations. However, ask any conversion optimization expert and they’ll tell you that usability testing is not a complicated afterthought. It’s a necessary precursor to the launch of every successful online … [Read more...]

The 4 Tools That Helped Us Simplify Our Signup


We became aware that our product signup page had a problem when we discovered that some people were signing up but never actually seeing the product interface itself. This meant that somewhere between giving us their email address and being led into the interface for the first time, they were giving up or getting stuck and never coming back. This case study documents … [Read more...]

Does Your Website Enhance Your Personal Brand?


Do you know that there are over 1 billion websites (and counting)that are online right now? With competition among online businesses getting fiercer and stiffer, how can you set yourself apart from the rest? It comes down to personal branding. Because you're dealing with people regardless of the industry you're in, building a solid and unique identity for your business is … [Read more...]