Siemens – The Next Big Step In Wind Power

In view of the world’s ever-growing need for energy, Siemens has embarked on an ambitious project that makes use of its lean, highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines. These wind turbines are based on Siemens’ Direct Drive Technology and have 50% less moving parts and a tower head mass of less than 350 tons. This makes these 6.0 MW wind turbines easier to set up and maintain, while boosting lifetime energy output.

Siemens’ Video Campaign – The Next Big Step

Siemens has just launched the official campaign to promote this different breed of wind turbines. Aptly named “The Next Big Step“, this campaign features a very interesting and truly captivating video which geeky, technology buffs like us will surely find very interesting. In just two and a half minutes, the video presents a narrative of history’s greatest energy-generating advances. From man’s discovery of fire and the Roman’s harnessing of the power of water, the video travels through time showing the industrial revolution, atomic energy and finally culminating in Siemens’ wind powered turbines as the answer to future energy demands.

So what is The Next Big Step and how can you be part of it? There is only one way to find out – just press the play button on the video below!

p.s. if the video is not showing, please press Ctrl+F5 to refresh your browser. Thank you!

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