Samsung Printer Xpress C410 460 Series Review

The way we print has been revolutionized to just a tap of our phone on a printer and it’s as easy as that. Samsung has recently launched a very efficient way of printing…just by tapping your smartphone on the printer. It is not a new technology; however, Samsung makes it look so brilliant!

The key to Samsung’s success is integration. Samsung manages to integrate complex ways of connectivity with simple things such as a tap on a smartphone screen. All you have to do to print a huge variety of content is a simple tap of your phone against this laser printer. This is also a very effective and secure way of printing from your mobile device.

The way Samsung presents its technology is seamless, putting it forward in a very simplistic way. This is done in such a manner as to maximize the use of each device. The already-present technology of NFC (Near-Field Communication) printing has been presented by Samsung in the form of its new printers in the C410 460 Series. Samsung launched these printers with the aim of lessening the complex ways of setting up devices for wireless printing. Through Samsung’s Xpress C410 460 Series there is no need for prior setup when using this function, nor is there use of a wireless network involved. It’s just the smartphone/tablet and your printer communicating.

The Samsung C410 460 Series have been specifically designed with home and small office users in mind and for all those who want to print content from the commodity of their smartphones and mobile devices.

This printer allows you to print photos, .pdf files, emails, screenshots, Excel spreadsheets and even PowerPoint presentations directly from your phone using the Samsung Mobile Print app. But do not worry; because if your phone is not as new as NFC technology you can also make use of this amazing device by printing through Google Cloud Print.

So far we have just mentioned the printing of documents, but this new printer is not just limited to that. It can also scan documents and send faxes to wherever you like by accessing your phone contacts and syncing them with the printer.

This series of laser printers consists of three models: The C410W which comes as a simple laser printer, the C460W with 3-in-1 (print, scan & copy) features and the C460FW which comes in 4-in-1 (print, scan, copy & fax) features. All these MFPs (Multi-Function Printer) have a print speed of 18ppm in black and 4ppm when printing in colour. It also comes with 2400×600 dpi.

Additionally, users can also use the One Touch Eco Button and the Easy Eco Driver function to maximize the use of the eco mode in printing. This, Samsung confirms, can save up to 20% in overall costs. This function has is so amazing it has been awarded with the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Innovation’ award from Buyers Lab in 2012.

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  • Sue Grand

    Hi, can you please tell me about it’s ability to print photo quality pictures? We are thinking of buying one for our small charity office, and need to produce good photo prints from digital camera. Also, I read some reviews that it won’t print on card stock, despite the sales pitch that it will. What’s your experience with printing on heavy paper, (Like 60lb weight) which we need to print certificates. Any guidance asap would be appreciated. Sue.