Republic Wireless’ $19 Per Month Unlimited Everything Plan

Analysing Mobile phone usage statistics over the last couple of years indicates a predictable upward trend. As at May 2013, 91% of American adults have a cell phone. Naturally, one would expect that the economies of scale take into effect and the cost of mobile plan tariffs goes down. But unfortunately, despite the fact that the mobile phone has become a device that we cannot go without, mobile phone bills seem to be getting higher.

This is where game changers like Republic Wireless come in. Kicking off their new campaign with the hilarious, yet extremely effective video below, they promise an affordable fixed tariff of just $19 a month which allows you to talk endlessly. But let us first allow H. Bud Chadwickson to do the talking in the video below.

Republic Wireless’ $19/month Plan … where is the Catch?

The proposition is unique, as are the eccentric actors but the package is surely appealing. Using their distinctive Texan accent to conduct an unorganized, yet humorous presentation, H. Bud and his ‘Associate Assistant Facturian’ aka ‘first man’ Giles Stanley show the advantages of the Republic Wireless plan. The video as well as the “that’s just a fact” phrase will surely catch on in the user’s mind.

So, you might ask yourselves … where is the catch? Republic Wireless state that there is no catch … or as they phrased it – no contracts, no overages, no hogwash and no kidding! The key to their inexpensive $19 a month rate is that Republic Wireless customer phone calls are placed via Wi-Fi rather than using the cellphone network. Whenever Wi-Fi is not available, calls are placed through the Sprint network.


What you get with Republic Wireless’ $19/month Plan

This is why Republic Wireless promise “all the things that you want and none of the nonsense that you don’t want”, or in other words “unlimited everything”. And by unlimited everything, Republic Wireless are offering:

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited texts
  • No contract

All for just $19 a month!

According to the Business & Money section in Time Magazine, when all the costs are factored in, a family of 3 persons can save $2,715 in 2 years, when compared to a standard ($64 per month, per phone) smartphone contract.


So, there is no fine print that strains your eyes, no hidden agendas, no overages and no risk of ever going over your minutes.

And if that is not enough, Republic Wireless also offer a 30-day money back guarantee so that you are sure that their offer is right for you.

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