The LG G2 Official Launch – 7th August 2013

And we now have a launch date! After much anticipation and sneak peaks such as the stylish ‘QuickWindow case’, the much-anticipated LG G2 will be unveiled on Wednesday 7th August at 11am (EST) in New York. And the best thing is that you too can enjoy the unveiling since the event will be streamed live.

The LG G2 – The launch date teaser video

The days preceding the launch of any major device are rife with speculations and sneak previews. LG continued to fuel this anticipation with a teaser video that it has just launched:

Video transcript

You have over 100 trillion cells in your body.
You crawl for five months after birth, then walk for the rest of your life.
You use around 4,200 different words and…
…have up to 50,000 thoughts every day.
You make about 1,700 friends and…
…meet 90,000 people in your lifetime.
…but it only takes a split second for you to fall in love.
You share 540,000 laughs.
And cry 3,000 tears,
And you dream 104,000 times
Everything about you inspires me.
To me, you are perfect.

The official LG G2 official website

Like the teaser video, the official LG G2 website uses the phrase ‘Learning from you’ – to state how the phone was inspired by the users. A central element of the website is the shape of a man composed of the key features of the LG G2. Clicking on each feature reveals the actual suggestions users have sent to LG such as:

  • Size: ‘future invention: a smartphone with a screen you can pull and expand to whatever size you want’
  • Language: ‘reading someone’s text with the autocorrect text is like translating another language’

The list goes on with features that incorporate software and hardware features such as its camera, innovation, battery, privacy, storage, experience, touch and more.

The official LG G2 Website

How to be part of the LG G2 official launch event

So at this point the inevitable question is ‘how can i be part of the LG G2 launch?’. Well, its simple! Just head over to the official LG G2 website and press on the camera button. The streaming will take place on Wednesday 7th August at 11:00am (EST) in New York.

The LG G2 Competition

And if that is not enough excitement, LG are offering an amazing prize to commemorate the launch of the LG G2 – they are offering the winner of their competition a chance to display a message on LG billboards in New York and London!

Entitled ‘To me, you are perfect’, anyone can participate in this competition by following these steps:

  1. Head over to the official LG competition website and press the ‘join now’ button
  2. Agree to the ‘terms and condition’
  3. Select the type of content
  4. Upload a video
  5. Select a friend to send the video
  6. Write your message
  7. Complete to send

Sure enough it is a fun experience and judging from the videos that have already been sent, more and more people are joining in. Who knows … Maybe it will be your message which will be screened in New York and London!

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