Create Online Publications with FlippingBook Publisher

FlippingBook Publisher is a software application designed to facilitate the creation of digital catalogs, online magazines and digital brochures with a realistic 3D page flip effect. The intuitive user interface makes it very easy even for a non-technical person to create these amazing digital presentations.

So how does FlippingBook work?

If you already have the document that you would like to convert to a flipping book, then you can easily create it by uploading the document. In fact, FlippingBook can convert any document type such as PDFs, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations automatically after the user uploads them.

Importing your publications into FlippingBook is a very simple process

In addition to this, FlippingBook offers an inbuilt skin editor so that you can alter the look and feel of the document that you have created. This includes changing the colors, gradients and other styling options, thus allowing the possibility of customizing it to better suit your branding needs.

FlippingBook’s powerful inbuilt editor simplifies the process of creating new publications and editing current ones

If you have not yet created the document, you can do this very easily using this via FlippingBook itself. And if you would like to share your document via a CD or flash media, you can easily do this since FlippingBook allows the creation of an executable file too.

Create E-Commerce Catalogues Using FlippingBook

This is perhaps one of the greatest features that FlippingBook has to offer. Thanks to this option you can integrate your online shop directly into the catalogue you create with FlippingBook.

Clicking on an item loads up a popup from where you can place your order

This essentially means that readers can purchase items directly from the catalogue, irrespective of whether they are viewing it on their desktop computer, tablet or phone. In addition to this, users who receive the catalogue will not need to search for the product in your website to buy it. This eliminates any hesitation that may arise during this time frame. And according to the company’s Executive Director, Kirill Meshcheryakov, the company has “great plans for adding a possibility of shopping-cart integration via API”.

The key features of the e-commerce facility include:

  • The ability to place additional images and information which appears as a popup window
  • Adding items directly from the catalogue to the cart
  • Accepting payment via PayPal or sending the order as an email for encashment

To see the e-commerce feature in action, please visit this demo.

Other Great Features of FlippingBook

In addition to the above benefits, another two key advantages of FlippingBook lie in the file it creates. One of them is that, unlike other similar converters, the file created by FlippingBook is HTML5 compliant. This means that it is not a Flash document and hence it can be viewed on any web browser using any device including Android and iOS tablets and phones.

The second and equally important feature is that the document created is SEO-friendly. This essentially means that the very moment the document is created, it automatically gets optimized for search engines. In this way, users will be able to find your publication using keywords . FlippingBook also allows the integration with Google Analytics so that you can easily know how your readers interacted with your document.

Needless to say, the flip-effect documents created by FlippingBook present endless possibilities for publishers, advertisers, web-designers, entrepreneurs and trainers.

Key advantages of using FlippingBook

  • Pleasant animation that will impress your clients
  • Easy to work with and download
  • Full text search and multi-level zoom
  • Simple upload / convert
  • Quick preview facility
  • In-built editor
  • RTL Support
  • Supports HTML5 and can thus be viewed on any device
  • Easy distribution via websites and email
  • Social network integration
  • SEO-compliant
  • Web analytics support
  • Protection from unauthorized copying and reading
  • Inbuilt FTP client
  • Localization support for 11 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Japanese)

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