World Usability Day 2013 – Healthcare: Collaborating For Better Systems


World Usability Day 2013 will be celebrated this Thursday 14th November. In this annual event which has been celebrated since 2005, a common theme is selected to be covered by usability enthusiasts from all parts of the world. Topics that have already been discussed during World Usability Day include education, sustainability, transportation and communication. Healthcare … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday! UsabilityGeek is Two Today!


Yes indeed! UsabilityGeek is 2 years old today! It has been another great and eventful year and surely would take me much more than a simple post to describe the awesome people I have interacted with and the engaging discussions that have taken place as a result of this blog. Therefore I will have to share with you the highlights that have taken place this year, the … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday! UsabilityGeek is One Today


Well, the headline says it all! I am thrilled to announce that today marks the first anniversary since I started UsabilityGeek. The reason why I started this blog was primarily because at that time, I had observed a discrepancy between the abundant academic information available and its real-life implementation in web development. … [Read more...]

An Evening of Web Usability – Malta, 2012

An Evening Of Web Usability Justin Mifsud Caroline Jarrett Malta 2012

Tuesday 7th February 2012, will be remembered as a milestone in the Maltese Usability and User Experience (UX) calendar since the first usability conference "An Evening of Web Usability" was held. For this prestigious event which was hosted at the University of Malta, I had the honor of speaking alongside one of the leading usability and user experience professionals, … [Read more...]

An Interview With Caroline Jarrett

An Interview With Caroline Jarrett

With over 17 years of experience working as a Usability and User Experience consultant for her own firm Effortmark and speaking at various conferences worldwide, Caroline Jarrett has long been considered as one of the leading experts in the field. She has also co-authored two of the best-selling books that, in my opinion, should be on every usability and user experience … [Read more...]

Web Site Usability at DotNetNuke Web Connections

Web Site Usability At DotNetNuke Web Connections 2011

I always like to refer to a DotNetNuke conference as a gathering between friends, and DotNetNuke Web Connections 2011 was no exception. We come from all over the world and we do have different areas of expertise but we all share one passion, that of working together and sharing our ideas for the benefit of DotNetNuke and its ever-growing community. This is the third … [Read more...]

Presentation on Automated Web Site Usability Evaluation


This coming week is a very special one for me as I will be presenting a session entitled "Automating the Web Site Usability Evaluation Process" at the DotNetNuke Web Connections 2011. This conference which is going to be held at the Hamburg University in Germany between the 16th and 17th June provides an ideal opportunity for getting in touch with DotNetNuke CMS … [Read more...]