Get More Engagement From Students By Using Social Media


Accomplishing a high level of engagement with students is an efficient way to make them feel more motivated to learn and to encourage them to get involved in activities that build up exploration, creativity, reflection and self-esteem. Picking the right solution may seem a bit confusing at first! Well, it shouldn’t be, since it is ubiquitous, and yes, I’m talking about … [Read more...]

Using Mobile UX To Make Your Business More Visible During The Holiday Season


As Fall turns to Winter, business owners are yet again faced with the task of optimizing their web presence for the fast­ approaching holiday season ­ a task that won’t seem as tedious as it did last year once you’ve read the guide we’ve prepared here at the company I manage, Codal. The quality of your business’s online User Experience (UX) is always crucial. However, … [Read more...]

How To Make Readers Sit Up With Killer Email Designs


People get a lot of emails. Inboxes are fuller than ever and expected to get fuller, and many email clients now offer segmented inboxes that make it even harder for marketers to get through. How can you stand out from the crowd? Well you’ve got to get the message, targeting and timing right, of course. But once a person has your email open, how do you keep yourself … [Read more...]

Big Data, Small Insight


I never really enjoyed Maths until I began my career in User Experience (UX). Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working in many differently formed teams, but my favourites have always been with those that consist of data analysts. Honestly. Their ability to obsess over numbers amazes me. I used to observe them, in their heightened state of spreadsheet frenzy, … [Read more...]

Stun & Convert: Design for Conversions


Conversions. Everyone’s talking about them. How to get them, who to target, how to convert quickly, you name it. As a User Experience Designer (UXD), you may feel that your role as an agent of conversion optimization ought to be minimal - that’s what Inbound Marketing is for, after all. Right? That’s not 100% true. Yes, Inbound Marketing teams across the world have … [Read more...]

UX And Stock Photos: An Interview With A Curator


A couple of weeks ago, a late-night conversation with one of the readers of this blog led to a discussion about the use of stock photos and their contribution (or lack of thereof) towards improving the overall user experience of a site. Much has been said in blogs and online discussions that stock photos and other decorative graphic elements do not add anything significant … [Read more...]

UX For Enterprise: Using IoT To Design Integrated Systems For The Workplace


While beacons have yet to emerge as a mainstream technology, they have not only begun to revolutionize the customer experience model, but also validate predictions regarding the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Proximity marketing and contextual functionality have contributed to a tailored, custom experience for users of apps that have implemented beacons as a … [Read more...]

Humans: The Missing Link In Online Security


Implementing online security is ultimately a human undertaking. The tools have to be sufficient enough to protect you and your clients, but efficient enough not to get in the way of providing the best user experience possible. While technology will get you part of the way, the inevitable corner-cutting by users will ultimately expose the notion that technology cannot … [Read more...]

5 Proven Ways To Fund Your App At The Idea Stage


You may have a revolutionary idea for the next big app. However, without the right funding for your winning app, that idea will probably never see light of day. Unlike a business startup, where the entrepreneur knows exactly what he or she's going to do, what products or services will be offered and how, what will be the monetization model, etc., app developers have … [Read more...]

8 Mobile App Trends Of 2015


Imagine a day without your phone. You will feel as a body without a soul, right! Whether it is a deed of hiring a cab, recharging your phone, ordering a pizza or shopping online, you will instantly reach for your smartphone. The phone is your friend in need and is one of the most crucial accessories in our life. Mobile technology and apps continue to thrive with its … [Read more...]