An Evening of Web Usability – Malta, 2012

An Evening Of Web Usability Justin Mifsud Caroline Jarrett Malta 2012
Tuesday 7th February 2012, will be remembered as a milestone in the Maltese Usability and User Experience (UX) calendar since the first usability conference “An Evening of Web Usability” was held. For this prestigious event which was hosted at the University of Malta, I had the honor of speaking alongside one of the leading usability and user experience professionals, Caroline Jarrett.

At this point I would like to thank all the attendees as well as Dr. Alexiei Dingli (Dept. Intelligent Computing Systems, University of Malta), Simon Bonanno (CEO, Holistic IT Group) and Evan Camilleri (CTO, Holistic IT Group) for helping me co-ordinate the event. Special thanks also to Holistic IT Group and the Department of Intelligent Computing Systems within the University of Malta for sponsoring the event.

Justin Mifsud’s Presentation

Entitled “Practical Usability Guidelines for Your Website“, the objective of my presentation was to discuss usability from a practical perspective. This was achieved by first highlighting the importance and benefits that a usable website brings about and then providing a number of usability guidelines. The presentation concludes with a usability evaluation of the Xerox Real Business Website.

Caroline Jarrett’s Presentation

In her presentation “Design Tips for Complex Forms“, Caroline Jarrett outlined the latest usability tips for web forms. Apart from several practical guidelines, the presentation also included interesting walkthroughs of the interactions encountered when trying to achieve goals on the Maltese Government and the UK Government’s websites.