About Justin Mifsud

Justin Mifsud
Hi, my name is Justin and UsabilityGeek is where I evangelize about the importance of Web Site Usability. Despite the fact that research shows that poor usability has commercial and legal implications, I have noted that very few web designers and developers are aware of this. Through this blog I try to provide practical recommendations on how you can make your web site usable.

Having designed and developed web site interfaces for these past fourteen years, I have acquired vast experience in the user interface aspect of web sites. My core area of expertise is in User Experience consultancy and design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as the conversion of design mock-ups into standards-compliant HTML and CSS.

On a personal development level, I keep abreast with the latest developments in web site User Interface design and, of course, its usability. I have also published my first research paper on web site usability, entitled “USEFul: A Framework to Mainstream Web Site Usability Through Automated Evaluation” (International Journal of Human Computer Interaction – Vol2 Issue 1). Occasionally I also write in the almighty Smashing Magazine.

Best way to follow me is on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. If you are interested in professional networking, you can also connect with me on LinkedIn.