8 Mobile App Trends Of 2015


Imagine a day without your phone. You will feel as a body without a soul, right! Whether it is a deed of hiring a cab, recharging your phone, ordering a pizza or shopping online, you will instantly reach for your smartphone. The phone is your friend in need and is one of the most crucial accessories in our life. Mobile technology and apps continue to thrive with its … [Read more...]

Unleashing Mobile Gesture UX


With mobile visitors creating an ever-growing traffic source to websites these days, mobile-centric problems arise for those seeking to engage their users with this new medium. With it this new traffic, engagement metrics are not on par with desktop. Pages per session, time spent, and various other popular metrics, seem to fall short of the desktop benchmark. So why … [Read more...]

Beacon UX: It’s All About Context


Incorporating the needs of users for a feature that has not explicitly been developed or used is a tough endeavor. Designing and developing the needs that surround beacon optimization comes from a contextual understanding of their function and the user’s needs. Yeah, it is kind of a hard one to wrap your brain around. A contextual understanding of a user’s needs is all … [Read more...]