Accessible Web Development Using W3C’s WAI-ARIA


Almost every web-savvy user will realize that the web is changing and for good reason. Due to the increase in demand for responsive web applications, static-enabled sites are being replaced by dynamic web apps (that make extensive use of scripting languages). In fact, many designers today are building widgets and advanced user interface controls using a combination of … [Read more...]

10 Free Screen Readers For Blind Or Visually Impaired Users


It is not difficult for a sighted person to imagine how being blind or visually impaired could make using a computer difficult. Just close your eyes and you will instantly experience that even processing text is impossible – or impossible without additional software at least. Now a range of software is available that can help to make using a computer an easier, more … [Read more...]

5 Simple Guidelines To Improve Your Website’s Accessibility

5 Simple Guidelines To Improve Your Website's Accessibility

With each and every passing day, the World Wide Web (WWW) is becoming more and more advanced. It has also established itself as one of the most vital and powerful resource of information, and a source abound with exciting possibilities. Sites have become the easiest and convenient forms of information exchange, surpassing most of the traditional media channels like the … [Read more...]

10 Free Web-Based Web Site Accessibility Evaluation Tools

Web Site Accessibility Tools

Web-based web site accessibility evaluation tools are a handy resource for anyone who wants to ensure that the site they are developing meets established accessibility standards. Since web site accessibility is a subset of web site usability, one needs to ensure that the site is accessible as part of the aspects that ultimately make it usable too. The importance of … [Read more...]