LG IPS Monitors – So Viral It’s Scary: Men Can’t Multitask

LG has done it again! Indeed, they have opted for yet another scary prank to promote their high definition IPS monitors. And like its predecessor – the elevator with the collapsing floor prank, the latest instalment of the ‘So Viral it’s Scary campaign’ has indeed gone viral.

We all remember the elevator prank that came from the Dutch branch of LG. LG engineers had lined the floor of an elevator with a grid of new IPS monitors and rigged it from the inside with a number of cameras. As soon as unsuspecting people used the lift, the monitors screened a movie that createed the illusion that the elevator floor was coming apart and falling away from the passengers.

A video grab from the third instalment of the So Viral It’s Scary, showing 4 cameras being simultaneously displayed on the LG IPS 21:9

This time, the video revolves around the idea that men can’t multitask. The storytelling concept is cool and a bit more complex this time. It promotes the LG IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitor as the perfect partner for multitasking. The video celebrates a blend of horror movie outfits including a psycho clown, a man in green latex, barking dogs and the infamous ‘The Ring’ girl. This crazy combination is aimed at distracting a gamer who walks into the store and starts playing. But it all goes so wrong for the director … although ironically he does end up proving the idea that men can’t multitask!

A picture says a thousand words, and a movie says even more. So no amount of words are sufficient to describe this video …

Key Features of the LG IPS Monitors

Lifestyle Angle: LG’s UltraWide IPS monitor offers stunningly real picture quality on a cinematic screen. Enthralling and captivating users with incredible image clarity and vivid lifelike color expression, it is the ideal complement for an immersive gaming or movie viewing experience.

Tech Angle: LG’s 29-inch IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitors provide users with the screen space necessary to display multiple windows simultaneously. The ability to view more data and windows on a single screen is well suited towards improving the productivity of modern professional like film directors, media producers and many more.

The ‘So Viral It’s Scary’ Campaign

Needless to say, the video is set to go viral and it is expected that it will generate the usual speculation buzz too. We all remember how some took it to Twitter to say that the people using the elevator in the second video of this series were actors and the whole prank was orchestrated.

The LG 29EA73-P : A 29” Class 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor (29.0″ diagonal)

Then again, the whole originality of the ideas behind these adverts and their filming is so immaculately executed that they are a delight to watch and share. All of these videos are there to promote the quality and capabilities of the LG IPS monitors, and in this respect kudos to LG, mission accomplished…in style!

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