LG G2 Camera Review – The Most Extreme Camera Ever

As we have stated in our early review, the LG G2 is a smartphone that impresses on all fronts. Witness to this are the numerous features that it comes equipped with. Since we have already covered most of them in our review of the product introduction video, we will be dedicating this article to one of the most interesting and unique features of the LG G2 – the camera.

The LG G2 Camera

From a technical point of view, LG G2 camera is a 13 Megapixel (13MP) camera that enables high zooming capabilities without compromising quality. It also boasts Multi Points Auto Focus (AF) – a feature which enables fast and accurate focus for multiple faces or objects that are moving.


Another key feature of the camera is the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS). In laymen’s terms, it is an awesome camera which will enable you to take great photos by stabilizing the focus. This effectively means less blurry photos and less shaking in videos. OIS is also great for taking photos in the dark or in places with limited light source. This is because in such an environment, the camera requires a longer exposure and hence it is more likely that you will move during this interval.


And if that is not enough, the LG G2 camera also comes with a dual recording / dual camera feature which allows you to simultaneously record using both front and rear cameras. The effect is an interesting one since you are able to record both yourself and your subject in the same video. Similarly, the effect can be replicated when taking photos by superimposing your face on any photo that you are taking.

In a very detailed smartphone camera comparison conducted by PhoneArena, the LG G2 camera scored a global average of 7.3 which puts it at par with the camera of the Apple iPhone 5s, while beating the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3, the HTC One and the Motorola Moto X and Droid Ultra. In PhoneArena’s words, the LG G2 camera “proved that it is a force to be reckoned with”.

The LG G2 Camera – The Chicken Video

An amazing feature like the LG G2 camera requires an amazing video, right? So sit back and enjoy this absolutely entertaining promotional video which effectively describes the Optical Image Stabiliser feature of the LG G2 camera using … a chicken! No more spoiler alerts. Hit the play button, sit back, and enjoy!

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  • Dewed

    How do you zoom in when taking pictures? I have a Verizon LG G2. I’ve yet to find a way to zoom in.

    • Pankaj Sachdeva

      You can zoom in by pinching out while camera is on.
      Similarly you can zoom out by pinching in the screen while camera is on.

  • Eddy

    The Desire 610 has some of the best build quality and arguably the best software available at this price as well as a smooth and fluid interface, but that isn’t enough in the end to make it a truly compelling device.