Ford Keyfree Login – Password Verification Without A Keyboard

Ford France Keyfree Login - Password Verification Without A Keyboard
After last week’s bashing of MyFordTouch, it seems very appropriate to show some good user experience from this car manufacturer. Ford’s KeyFree Login is an ingenious device that overcomes the need to key in all your computer passwords. This app was actually inspired by the key-free system of unlocking car doors. So how does it translate to your computer?

How does Ford KeyFree Login work?

Essentially you will just need to have your mobile phone with you and stand near your computer. Right now, Ford KeyFree login only works on Mac computers with Google Chrome. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect your computer with your mobile phone. Once you are standing near your computer, you will automatically be logged in to every site you use that requires a password! Ford boasts that with this technology, you will literally never have to enter another password again.

The Google Chrome Extension

Configuring Ford KeyFree login is relatively easy. First, one needs to download the free Google Chrome extension from Ford France‘s website (Note: Incidentally, by the time this article was written, the extension is no longer available). This extension allows the hands free technology. Once you do this, you will need to enter all of your passwords for all of the sites you use and they will be saved. Once all the passwords have been entered you will be able to use the app simply by standing near your computer with your phone. This will log you in. To log out of your sites, simply move away from the computer and you will automatically be logged out. It is that simple.

The Future Is Coming

Ford France Keyfree Login - Password Verification Without A Keyboard-Facebook
Logging into Facebook using Ford’s KeyFree Login

This application isn’t available here yet, but it’s up and running in France. Will this change the way we use our computers? Will it be really wonderful not having to remember all of our unique passwords? Will it be safe?

There isn’t enough information about the app yet to really know one way or another, but an app like this begets a lot of questions. For example, if someone steals your mobile phone, can they also access your passwords or will it only work on your computer? More information about the app will hopefully be available soon.

What Next?

Ford France Keyfree Login - Password Verification Without A Keyboard-Twitter-Gmail
Ford’s KeyFree Login has successfully been tested to log into Facebook, Gmail and Twitter

Hi-tech HCI (Human Computer Interaction) devices like Ford’s KeyFree Login beg the question: What will come next? Will we someday be able to do everything hands free or through voice technology? Is typing going to somehow be replaced with something more convenient? And, are these advances a good thing? We are so used to sitting down and typing a password, it is difficult, as well as a little scary, to imagine never having to do that again. Technology is advancing, but are we ready to fully embrace it? And what will we do with all those tiny pieces of paper and notebooks that we have years of passwords written on?