Gesture Conjecture: Real Space UI


The role of gesturing has been evolving and adapting on the mobile spectrum for a decade. As most would understand it, a gesture is a command input by touch onto a touch enabled screen or mouse pad. The term arguably entered the mainstream with Apple’s trackpad and input commands. With 12 standard gesture commands on desktop and 8 for mobile, gestures solve unique … [Read more...]

Speed Up Website Load Time Using Cloud Services


We have most certainly hit a crossroads. More and more businesses and individual website and blog owners want richer content - be it more photos or entire photo and video galleries. As a website programmer or designer, you know this type of content drastically slows site load times. In terms of User Experience (UX), the dilemma is even tougher. On one hand rich multimedia … [Read more...]

2012 Mobile Usage Statistics [Infographic]


We often hear about the importance of catering for mobile devices when designing and developing websites and web-based applications. Quite recently, in this blog, we have presented a list of 5 Mobile Website Usability Guidelines That You Cannot Afford To Break. However, have you ever been curious about how the mobile industry is shaping up, particularly in relation to the more … [Read more...]

The End Of The Flash Player

The End Of The Flash Player (Flash Player is Dead)

Adobe recently announced that it is halting any future development for the mobile Flash Player. The company has stated that it intends to focus on its AIR-based and HTML5 apps for the smartphone market. Work will still continue though on the conventional Flash Player for PCs. Market analysts are now predicting that this is a sign of the beginning of the end for the Flash … [Read more...]